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Empathetic Digital Marketing

DigitallDNA – The Name!

We, at DigitallDNA, are a bunch of young energy bubbles, with one fierce motive of providing quality digital marketing services to smaller businesses. Talk about our name? We invested a lot of time before crafting the name for our passion. We wanted a name that’d exhibit our love for the digital arena, nothing else. Hence, DigitallDNA!


DigitallDNA Ethos

Speaking of our working style, we carry empathy at the core of everything we do. While talking to our clients, we keep an empathetic mindset to understand their exact requirements. We understand the exact pulse of small business owners/startups; 99% of them are cash strapped (pardon our straightforwardness)!

Besides, most of the small business owners do not understand the importance of digital marketing, hence allocate very less monetary resources to it. And we understand that because we’ve sailed through similar experiences! Hence, we never push our services down their throats, but explain them the importance of digital marketing and its ROI and then craft a budget around their financial capabilities.


DigitallDNA – The Approach

Once we are in a deal, we give the business owners the results (what) they can expect and the timeline (when / how soon). These two aspects of what and when depend on the target market they want to capture and the nature of their business.

Our approach starts with being human-centric in our digital marketing modus-operandi. No matter the type of marketing, B2B or B2C, the end user of any product/service is ultimately a human being, and human beings do not like being marketed to. They approach the internet when they have a need.

Human beings seek solutions, not products or services! Via our digital marketing campaigns/strategies, we promote your business as a solution. Your end user needs to believe you before they can entrust you with their money.

Bottomline, we don’t market your business, we help your end users take an educated decision by showing how your product/services can help them.

We aren’t just talking the talk, just give us a shout out at hello[@]thedigitaldna[.]net, and you’ll believe what we said above. The time to grow your small business is now, get going!

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What Drives Us ?

Our Principles

No false promises of ‘bigger this’ and ‘better that’, we stand by our simple principle of delivering maximum results by implementing laser focused strategies with the help of our team of hard working domain experts. Besides, when it comes to marketing, we do it emphatetically. B2B, B2C, C2C and other combinations come in second. Its H2H first, human to human!

Our Standards

Frankly speaking, the technology, people and processes are almost the same everywhere, no matter you approach a fancy digital marketing agency or a humble one with modest beginnings. The ‘point of difference’ lies in why they are running the agency, for truck loads of money or for helping people grow their businesses. Our standard is nothing elaborate, but simply the latter.

Our Capabilities

We specialise in providing robust support, while delivering the results your business demands. Oh, and we also do it within your budget constraints. Tall order? Not for us! We have experts roped in from every facet of digital marketing, who keep themselves updated with the ever changing digital marketing landscape and that’s our top secret to success.

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