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6 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing Activities 

Reduce your Staffing Costs

No need to hire in-house team members comprising of a digital marketing strategist, researcher, analyst, SEO expert, campaign experts, content writer. 

Outsourcing is Affordable

We have various packages at different rates available for new, growing & big businesses. These packages always turnout affordable compared to accumulated salaries of individual in-house personnel. 

Innovation and Experience

At DigitallDNA, we are well acquainted with and experienced in the digital field. Our minds are always brimming with fresh ideas that can bring innovative, creative & new plans into the picture.

Reach Target Audience Easily

We do a thorough research in order to decide where, how & when the message will be delivered to the people, which would create the greatest impact and ensure great results for you.

Better Insights & Risk Management

Based on our experience, we are equipped with better insights to know what combinations of digital channels will best suit the type of your business. We also keep ourselves prepared for possible risks with mitigation plans.

Your Success is Our Success

We do everything in our power to bring success for your business, because your success adds to our success. Our reputation depends on the amount of success our clients have acquired.

*We will get back to you within 1~2 days

General Cost of Hiring an In-House Team


  • Digital Marketing Manager : $6500 / month*
  • Digital Marketing / SEO Specialist : $4200 / month*
  • Content Writer (Entry – Mid Level) : $2900 / month*
  • Graphic Designer (Entry – Mid Level) : $2,500 / month* 
  • Web Developer : $5000 / month*

(*Average salaries taken from Payscale.com)

Professionally-Managed Digital Marketing Services / Consulting

*We will get back to you within 1~2 days

Search Engine Optimization

Increase website visitors by obtaining a high-ranking placement in search results.

Social Media Marketing

Improve your brand presence and attract new customers on all social platforms daily.

Email Marketing

Reach out to your subscribers daily, weekly or infinitely. Get more out of your each subscriber.

Search Engine Marketing

Drive more and better quality traffic to your website from search engines with paid ads.

Content Marketing

Attract & convert prospects into customers, then into buyers with content marketing.

Website Development

End to end Website Development services for your business to expand in this digital age.

Our Unique Digital Marketing Process

Understanding Your Business Goals

Digital Marketing

Identifying your Target Market

Digital Marketing

Looking at Historic Marketing Data

Digital Marketing

Identifying the Correct Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing

Discussing your Marketing Budget

Digital Marketing

Designing Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing

Analyze, Optimize, Re-Run, Repeat

Digital Marketing

Deliver Highly-Qualified Sales-Ready Leads

Hours Spent
Optimized Pages
Years Of Experience

What Our Clients Say?

  • “Folks at The Digital DNA have been extremely easy to work with. They are organised, friendly and open to suggestions. They truly have an in depth knowledge of digital marketing that becomes apparent as soon as you meet them.”

    Paul S
  • “By engaging The Digital DNA, we have been able to increase our search marketing performance by nearly 140%. Their capabilities and expertise are outstanding. The Digital DNA is a great team.”

  • “The Digital DNA is a valued partner in my strategic digital marketing decisions and I rely upon their expertise to ensure I meet business goals. I appreciate all the work they do for us.”


Digital Marketing Service Plans

We don’t believe in binding you in fixed pricing plans. Rather, we’d sit down with you, understand your marketing budget, your expectations out of the allocated budget and then give you the best price quote.

That’s how flexible our pricing is!